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Make Your Life a Work of Art

The Finding My True North Journal

The Finding My True North Journal

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A 90 Day Guide for self reflection and discovery.

Through daily prompts, reflective activities, and a Self-Accountability Tracker, this
journal is designed to guide you towards a deeper, more fulfilling understanding of

This journal serves as a structured pathway designed to explore self-awareness and intentionality. Through daily practice, reflective prompts, and engaging activities, this journal is your companion in carving out a space for personal insight and growth. Each day is an invitation to deepen your understanding, charting a course towards your authentic self.

Rediscovering Your Core:
Dive deep into understanding
the essence of who you are.

Vision & Soul Quest: Define
your dreams, desires, and the
values that guide you.

Aligned Action: Uncover ways
to bring your newfound
understanding into your daily

112 pages

Digital Download - PDF file compatible with apps such as Goodnotes

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