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Sun Printing Kit

Sun Printing Kit

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Sun Printing DIY art kit
Using items from nature make realistic prints on paper. Add little bits from your garden to create your own meaningful prints with these magic sheets of light sensitive paper, develop in the sunshine and fix in water.

Great gift for nature lovers, makers , homeschooling, artists, photo nerds and gardeners. Suitable for most ages and creative levels.

  • Easy to follow printed Instructions
  • Plexiglass stay flat sleeve for easy printing
  • 5 sheets A4 paper
  • Various botanical stencils

All you need are UV rays and water! The Sun is an excellent natural source, but if the sun is hiding, you can use a UV LEDs as an alternative.

Use water to stop the development process and to fix your cyanotypes.

You can tear or cut the light sensitive paper into smaller pieces if you wish to make small note cards, book marks or scrapbook embellishments.
Experiment exposing at different lengths of times to gain various depths of blue. Try different plants or write on glass to make art prints. Prints, once created, are archival and can last over 100 years.

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