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Creative Maison

Grow a Garden Seed Kit from Creative Maison

Grow a Garden Seed Kit from Creative Maison

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C A R D D E T A I L S ----------------------------

-Grow-A-Garden Cards with plantable seed paper shapes attached
-Each card measures 3.5" x 5"
-Removable seed paper shape attached may vary slightly depending on available die cut.
-Paper is very fibrous to promote growth. Shapes may have a slight fuzzy edging shown in photos.
-Seed Paper sizing is approx. 2'' at widest point.
-The back side of each card is white and blank.

S E E D P A P E R D E T A I L S -------------------------

Each plant-able heart is embedded with all three herb seeds in the listing photos. Parsley, Chives, Basil. Many are within the thickness of the paper while others are near the surface and clearly visible.

The seeds will need four hours a day of direct sunlight with constant watering until established. The plants can grow to as tall as three feet. This blend is safe propagation across North America. If you plant this paper in a pot or in your garden, please cover with just 1/8" of soil and keep moist until established as germinating seeds and seedlings cannot survive even a brief drought.
They can be started inside before the last winter frost and then transferred outside, or started outside after the last winter frost. Protect from cold drafts and allow for warm sunlight. Our favorite method to grow is in a pot with potting soil and checked daily for watering.
We grow them indoors in our own office year round!

Where can I plant?
Our seed paper partner only uses seeds that are tested and approved for planting for planting in Canada, the US, EU, UK, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries worldwide.
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